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About this web site: The publisher and the vision for this site

Publisher: Alison Teed Publishing

Publisher's Background:

Alison Teed
photo by Coates Portrait Design

Alison Teed was born in 1945 in the Gulf Islands on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada where she was raised in the Anglican Church. In 1976 a visitation from the Lord Jesus resulted in a born-again Christian experience. Shortly after, she was drawn to a small local church moving in a lively revival—developing and growing in the ministry of the Baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit. It was here that Alison began to experience a prophetic call from God. Throughout the next 30 years she periodically delivered a prophetic message as God required, while remaining occupied by various ministry works along with her husband. God continued throughout the years to work in her life molding her and shaping her as His prophet. In 2003, He spoke to Alison to write a book about her challenges and experiences. This book, Voices Crying In The Wilderness, is contained on this web site. A second book is scheduled for release some time in late 2008. The Children’s Stories section on the site contains a collection of children’s short stories and poetry first published by Alison in her magazine in the 1990’s.

It is the purpose of the publisher that the materials, books and children’s stories provided on this web site are used for the edification and encouragement of the Body of Christ. There are future plans to include a forum for those that desire to communicate with other Christians around the world who share similar challenges addressed in the materials provided on this site. The purpose for the forum is to provide positive, edifying support for one another (not a forum for preaching, counseling, accusing or slandering). Emails in response to the first publication will determine whether there is a need for a forum.

Additional information is provided on the publisher in the Voices Crying In the Wilderness Bio; Children’s Books by Agnes Beatrice and the Statement of Faith.